EU-NORM symposium 2017

The EU NORM 2017 symposium will provide industries, regulators and radiation experts active in the field of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) with a platform for discussion and exchange of expertise and information. The symposium will also give scientists, radiation experts, regulators and other specialists the opportunity to present their work and interact with other stakeholders in the NORM field.

The new European Basic Safety Standards (EU BSS) - Directive 2013/59/EURATOM - addresses extensively NORM issues, challenging both regulators and industries.

EU NORM 2017 will be the third of a series of European symposia - the first took place in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2012, and the second in Prague in 2014.

A specific session of the symposium will address radon issues in the context of NORM workplaces. This session is organised with the support of the European Radon Association (ERA).

The symposium programme will include the following topics:

  • EU BSS implementation (including role of RP experts, education and training)
  • Environmental safety assessment, environmental remediation and related radioecology
  • Occupational doses in NORM industries with a focus on maintenance operation
  • Building materials and trade of products with NORM
  • NORM metrology (in situ measurements, reference materials, etc.)
  • Management of NORM residues and decommissioning activities
  • New trends in NORM industries with a focus on NORM in fracking
  • Special topic: Occupational exposure from Radon and Thoron in NORM workplaces (with the support of ERA)

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